The guitar "Ripley" was born from the idea to have a very powerful instrument from the point of view of the sonorous answer, with to the very aggressive aesthetical aspect typical of the series LV-426;   particularly interesting the tribute to the film Aliens, from which it takes the name and of which brings the inlay in abalone on the keyboard.


     Body in natural mahogany, vanished black on the edges, top in marbled maple dyed black / dark red, confers particular aggressiveness to this guitar, conceived for and with Simone Messineo, lead guitar of the Iron Maiden cover band " Sanctuary."



      Original mobile bridge Ibanez Edge Pro II, active pickups EMG 81x / 85x, 18Volts for a more aggressive push, screwed directly to the body; master vol + master tone + switches 3x;  neck in flamed maple dyed with amber fossil varnish, keyboard in ebony 24 frets, diapason 25,5", radious 20", inlay representing Alien extends him for over half keyboard, using some characters (also in alphabet Predator!) how reference of the keys, extra jumbo frets, screwed firmly to the body with filleted buckles and metric screws with the purpose to favor the transmission of the sound between handle and body.


      The easy accessibility to all the keys and the thickness reduced of the handle (thickness 18mm to the nut) characterizes the simplicity of use both for the fastest solos and for the mightiest rhythmics.



     The name "LV-426 RIPLEY" is on the headstock and they make this guitar only



     It's possible to ask here a replica: we have created it and Only we can reproduce it!







* LV-426 design registred Nadar Guitars.

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