Nadar Guitars are honored say thank to:


my family;


Pier Luigi, Enrico, Massimo, Giovanni and all MG2 for the big collaboration;

Stefano Didu; Bones McCoy and  BONES & COMFORT; PJ and Jessica of MAB;  Martina and Bruno from HEART STUDIO; Kyt Walken; Sylvya Barnabò;  Livio Cherchi, Fabio Mereu and OUR REASON; Riccardo Arca; Marco Abis; Chicco Spiga; Michael and Fabio from Emporio ESSE; Pitosforo Artmusicbar;  FRATELLI DETROIT;  BIG FAT MAMA and Marco Franza; Paul Zogno; Andrea Mennella; Big Harp; "Rock DJ" Karmine; Luca Camoglio and all friends of "via Gama"; Simon Waber; Mattia Brayne; Andrea Conversano; Simone Messineo, Diego Morra and SANCTUARY; Djul ( THE WITCH band ); Enrico Carrus e Francesca; Piet Sielck ( IRON SAVIOR band ); Uwe Seemann ( IRON SAVIOR Band ); Daria Koval; Rob Kolovitz ( Mudface band ); Harald Krueger; Andy McLeod and RECIPROCAL band; Pietro "Pacio" Baggi, Claudio Brembati, Michele Locatelli, Daniele Gotti "Bubu" from ANTICLOCKWISE band; Filippo "Pantera" Mannini, Edoardo Scali from DISBOSKATOR band; Federico Albini; Jhonny Moraes from HEVILAN band and WARREL DANE band; Jacopo Bigi and Paolo Fosso from  ARMONITE band; Jad&Frèer team.


Very special thank to Matteo Leone !




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