Nadar Guitars was born from the idea to unite the planning CAD and the passion for the music, with the intent to propose struments that recover old sonorities and that they propose new shapes for the modern music.



    To produce custom struments is the concrete footstep and, real spirit of artisan production, it's outdistanced by the production of series, .



     After years given to plan architectural and mechanics elements , the approach to the study of the electric guitars has not  given particular difficulties.



       The being grown in artisan shop and the bases of knowledge of art liuthary   they have allowed us to get, from immediately, good strument that are distinguished still for excellent sonority.



     The continuous research and the curious approach to every new project allow  us to grow every day and to improve.



    The desire to propose new aesthetical lines on the electric guitars and tired of  models old of over 50 years with few stylistic evolution, has pushed us to produce the model "LV-426", from the proper extreme forms above all to the kind metal.



     A  strument Nadar Guitars is born after the planning CAD and modeling 3D, the choice of the woods and painting and to the definition of every project aspect of the strument.



           It   follows the passage in CNC machine for the perforations, workmanships of surfaces and cut of the shape.


    The conclusive phase is realized to hand with rasps and it planes, up to prepare the pieces to the painting, last and important productive phase.


    They follow the assemblage, wiring and setup.




        Nadar Guitars proposes him to realize unique struments to satisfy the demands of the musician that it desires the personalization, from the point of view of the materials, of the forms, of the finishes and of the equipments..






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